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MSD Foundation Community Classes Program – American Sign Language

Maryland School for the Deaf Foundation partners with local businesses and organizations to offer introductory American Sign Language classes. We developed our program in January 2012 and to date, over 1000  people have successfully completed our classes.  The classes have a positive impact for everyone involved:  the attendees acquire an introduction to sign language; the businesses have the opportunity to promote their company to new customers, and highlight their goodwill to the local community; and MSD Foundation helps to spread awareness of the Maryland School for the Deaf and Deaf culture that is prevalent in the Frederick area.

Our ASL classes are designed for beginner level, adult learners and they are always free to participants. They are generally offered in the Frederick County area and comprise five one-hour weekly sessions.

We are always keen to hear from businesses in the Frederick County area willing to host our classes. The business host has the option to offer the classes to its customers, the general public, its own staff or a combination of all of these. The attached brochure provides further information about our ASL Community Classes Program.

Click for ASL Brochure

Classes are free to participants!

Our next ASL class will commence Monday February 24 2020 6.30-7.30pm at Shockley Honda, Frederick. Follow the link below to register for the class:


We will also host a class at Myersville town hall commencing March 30 2020, 7-8pm.  For further details and to register for the class contact Bob Ziegler at Myersville Town Council at:  rziegler@myersville.org .

MSD Foundation ASL Community Classes hosts 2020:

  • Shockley Honda
  • Myersville Town Council
  • Frederick County Public Libraries (dates for 2020 to be confirmed)

To reach the Maryland School for the Deaf Foundation, please click to visit the Contact page.