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The MSD Foundation Board of Directors comprises between five and fifteen voting members. Directors serve on the board as volunteers and do not receive remuneration for their services. The MSD Superintendent and a representative of the MSD Board of Trustees participate on the MSDF Board of Directors in a non-voting capacity. Current membership of the MSD Foundation Board of Directors comprises:

  • Patrick Fava, President
  • Vice President — Vacant
  • Matt Lockhart, Treasurer
  • Marisa Shockley
  • Myron Randall
  • Catherine Mock
  • Trudy Suggs
  • Diane Kotkin
  • Kevin Strachan, Interim MSD Superintendent
  • David Martin, Board of Trustees
  • Sheldon Shealer, MSD Foundation Program Coordinator

MSD Foundation
P.O. Box 636

Frederick, MD 21705

301-712 8921

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